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30Th Conferencia Latinoamericana de Informatica
27 Setiembre a 1 Octubre - Arequipa Perú

The LATIN AMERICAN CENTER OF STUDIES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (CLEI), is an international nature institution, many tens of Universities, Research centers and institutions are part of it, these develop scientific activities and/or technological in the Computer science field, established in the vast territory of Latin America, although also welcomes in its sine extraregional organizations of the ibero and North American world.

CLEI is an organization without profit aims, that work like a multinational society to promote the development of computer science in Latin America.

members of the CLEI meet annually, to interchange scientific, technological, technical and educative knowledge, also to analyze their influence in the societies of the different participant countries, as it has been coming happening for 29 years. This year Peru, thorough the Peruvian Society of Computer Sciences organizes this huge event that groups the following events:




CLEI´ 2004 will be the 30th version, after have been constituted by own merits totally recognized,  in one of the most important academic-scientists events at International level preparing every year a Committee of Program of greater excellence every time, the one that evaluates hundreds of Latin American and from other regions scientist-academic works to select those that appear and publish in each CLEI Conference.




During already one decade, academic, scientific and professional which are dedicated to the formation of Latin American youth, in the university classrooms where they distribute 7 signatures of the Computation and the Technologies of the Information’s fields, meet in an annual Congress, where they analyze the present situation of the Superior

Education in Latin America, Spain and Portugal and draw conclusions on the decisions to make for their continuous development and improvement.


Arequipa, thorough SPC and Universidad Católica de Santa María de Arequipa, Universidad Católica San Pablo and Universidad Nacional de San Agustín de Arequipa, has initiated the organization of the event, involving institutions and professionals of the computer science area, from  Latin America, Europe and the United States, that allow to ensure the success that corresponds to this great scientific event of our region.

Conference CLEI commonly groups an important group of events; in CLEI 2003 the following ones will take place:

XXIX Latin American conference of Computer science.
XII Latin American Congress of Superior Education in Computation (CIESC).
XI Masters Thesis Aid Clei-UNESCO.